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Friday Crafternoon- Braided Paper Bookmarks

Last week, we had a Grab-N-Go craft here at the library that featured this craft idea. It’s super simple, you probably already have the supplies at home, and the color combinations are endless! If you like to give books as gifts, these are the perfect accessory to go with it!


(photo credit: scrapbooksetc.com/blogs/iscrapuscrap)


Friday Crafternoon- Corner Bookmarks

If you weren’t able to make it to the Teen Room yesterday to pick up a grab-n-go craft kit for bookmarks, here is a great tutorial for one of the styles included in the kit! This tutorial is nice because it gives you tips for a very simple version, and then a much nicer and sturdier version. All you need for these are scissors, paper, and glue!


(photo credit: http://tallystreasury.com)

Friday Crafternoon- Colorblocked Candles

Have a bunch of old crayon stubs laying around? There are tons of cool crafts out there that use crayons, but this one makes a really unique decoration (and gift!) and the color combinations are endless. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies or prep, either, and what you do need can be found at craft stores for cheap. A tip: buy some essential oils to mix in with the wax and you’ll have a cool candle that smells great, too!

crayon candle

(photo credit: http://www.brit.co/color-block-candles/)

Friday Crafternoon- White Crayon and Watercolor Art

This craft is SUPER simple and uses stuff you might already have in the house! Gather up your watercolor paints, a paintbrush, a white crayon, and some paper. Draw something out on the paper in white crayon. Paint over the paper with your watercolors, and watch how the white crayon magically resists the paint to create a beautiful negative space picture! This is also a really cool way to leave someone a secret message. Check out examples that this library did for some inspiration.


(photo credit: http://growcreative.blogspot.com)