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YA Book Review- Jake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman

Jake Garrett is the new kid in town, and he’s taken Fitzgerald High by storm. The school year has barely started and he’s already a star football player who throws the craziest house parties anyone has ever seen. But who is he, where did he come from, and why is he bending over backwards to spend time with the quarterback’s girlfriend? Told from the perspective of high-schooler Rick, readers look on as Jake makes a huge impact on the town and things quickly spiral out of control.

This story is a re-write of the classic novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The author, famous for his sports-centric novels, takes a story originally set in the age of flappers and spins it to fit in a modern-day suburban high school. He takes great care to change things to fit the new setting, while keeping true to the elements of the original tale. Grab this up if you like new versions of old classics, high school drama, and football stories.

Jake Reinvented


YA Book Review: Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler



Every once in a while a book comes along that is capable of capturing the essence of an experience. For almost anyone who ever had a short-lived but passionate first love, this book is it. Min has her life arranged comfortably around her loyal group of friends and her obsession with cinema. One night at a party, Ed Slaterton (co-captain of the basketball team and all-around Mr. Popular) throws her life on it’s head. Even though their relationship lasted less than two months, this book artfully illustrates the rollercoaster ride that is so often a high school relationship. As the book winds on, Min (through a letter to Ed and objects she is returning to him) recounts every instance of what kept her in love and what should have helped her realize she needed to walk away.

Try this if you like realistic fiction, drama, first-person narrative, or even a little mystery. Also, though significantly less solemn, this might be good for fans of 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

WhyWeBrokeUp cover

Book illustrations by Maria Kalman