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YA Book Review- Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann

This book review has been written by a guest reviewer, local New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School student Sofia! Thanks so much to Sofia for writing this up šŸ™‚

“Lisa McMann wrote a young adult fiction book called Cryer’s Cross which took place in a small town called Cryer’s Cross, Montana. This is a place where two too many high school students go missing. Kendal Fletcher would be consideredĀ asĀ the average high school student excluding her OCD but has a sweet boyfriend, Nico Cruz, and a big future for herself until Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz go missing. She has sleepless nights. She totally discards the possibility that he might be dead. When she touchesĀ theĀ same desk that they both used to sit in, she hear voices and sees ā€œnew graffiti on it that looks oldā€. After she is possessed likeĀ to go to an old graveyard (in the middle of the night) that her grandfather has dark secrets about, she finds Nico’s dead body in a grave right next to Tiffany Quinn’s who went missing a few days before Nico and all secrets are revealed about the old boarding school that Kendal’s grandfather used to go to, witnessing the death of students in the same desk that Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz used to sit in. So the desk was put into the storage room but Kendal Fletcher will never be the same again.”



Friday Crafternoon- Newspaper Trash Can

This craft is easy and fun and a great way to “upcycle” some old newspapers in honor of Earth Day! You can make these cool trash cans for yourself, for family or friends, or even use them as large planters (newspaper is great for plant growth!).

Minolta DSC

YA Book Review- Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin #1)

Ismae has grown up with a horrible father and is about to be married to an equally horrible suitor. On her wedding night, as she is about to suffer the first of her new husband’s abuse, she escapes and is aided in her getaway by a hedge priest. Soon enough she finds herself recovering in a remote convent where she is told her destiny, should she choose to believe it: she is the daughter of the god of death, Mortain, and her life’s work shall be to assassinate those whose evil acts mark them for murder. After months of training in the arts of poison, knife-wielding, and seduction, Ismae is implanted in one of the high courts of Brittany to protect the young duchess Anne and dispose of anyone she sees that is marked for death. This is a difficult enough task for a common girl who now has to pretend to be a member of the royal court, but things get terribly complicated when she reluctantly falls in love with a man who has been clearly marked. There are rules against love for the daughters of Mortain- especially if the object of their affection is also the object of their deadly arts.

This book was simply captivating. Historical fiction isn’t always for everyone, but the supernatural element that exists makes it a good sell to any fantasy fan. The details that the author has written of the convent are dark and fascinating, while most of the information about the royal court and the treachery against Anne is based on fact! Hand this to anyone who loves fantasy, history, supernatural mysteries, and romance!

Also, keep an eye out for the sequel released earlier this month, which tells the story of Ismae’s friend Sybella who is another of the daughters of Mortain.

Grave Mercy

Friday Crafternoon- Gouged Frames

If you are looking for a nice and easy gift idea, look no further than these instructions on how to make gouged frames with a knitting needle (or other sharp blunt object) and crayons. The wooden frames needed for this project are very inexpensive and can be found at any craft store in the unfinished wood section. If you do not have a knitting needle, you could use any other similar object- perhaps an unfolded paperclip! Have fun!

Gouged frame

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YA Book Review- Requiem by Lauren Oliver

**Please note: This review contains spoilers of Delirium and Pandemonium, the first two books in this trilogy. Read ahead with caution!**

Lena and Julian have escaped the kidnapping and torture of the Scavengers, who they now know are working for Deliria Free America. Julian’s father, the founder of the DFA, is dead. And much to Lena’s agony, the boy she loved and thought she lost is broken but alive, and traveling with her friends. There is no time to dwell on heartbreak, though: the resistance is taking over the country and war against the controlling anti-love government is imminent. Meanwhile, in Portland, Lena’s best friend Hana is now cured and about to be married to the Mayor. She is perfectly content- or is she?

This series is a total thrill ride, with this final installment being no different. The format alternates chapters between Hana and Lena’s Point Of View, which really helps to see the plot development from all sides of their society. Anyone interested in the title should definitely read the first two books of the series- this is a great series for lovers of sci-fi, romance, dystopia, and thrillers!


YA Book Review- Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

*SPOILER ALERT* If you have not read the first book in this series (Delirium) and you do not wish to read any spoilers, do not read below!


Lena has woken up in the Wilds. She has no idea where she is, or who is taking care of her. As she regains her strength and works through her crippling grief from losing Alex, she begins to work within the small community if people who have made their home in the untamed lands between cities. It almost seems too soon when they have to migrate south for the winter, which is made a more harrowing task than ever when their site is bombed by government planes. After trekking for miles, losing a group member to illness, being attacked by other, violent Invalids, and making it to the border of Manhattan, Lena becomes involved with a mission to infiltrate a radical group determined to administer the cure to infants and eradicate all uncureds. Kidnapping, abuse, more running, and a delicate budding romance keep this story moving at full-speed.

If you loved Delirium, you simply must read this next installment of the trilogy. Lena’s entire worldview has changed since we first met her, and so much more is going on behind the scenes of her society than we were led to believe in the first book. Once again, I think this series has something for everyone- it is action-packed, quickly paced, a scary image of a possible future, and carries an undercurrent of romance the entire time. Pick up a copy from your library today!