Friday Crafternoon- T-shirt Scrap Pillow

Here is another great project if you have a ton of old t-shirts that you can’t bear to throw away! At this website you can see instructions to do this with lots of sewing tools, but there is a simpler way if you don’t have those tools on hand. Cut the t-shirt up in to scraps of the parts you want to save. Cut little slits all around the four edges of the scrap. Tug on the fringe pieces that are created by the slit snips, until they stretch out and get longer. Then, tie the fringes to the fringe of another scrap piece. Measure out the scraps so you will end up with two perfect squares of the same size. Then, tie together three of the large square’s edges and HALF of the fourth edge. Take some stuffing (sold at craft stores!) and fill your new pillow case to the fluffiness level you want. Then, tie up the remaining ends, and lay pack on your new custom pillow!

Below is a photo of the sewn version, but it should look pretty similar to this if you use the tying method. Enjoy!


(photo credit:

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