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YA Book Review- Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough

This story, set in Britain in the 1950’s, tells the tale of two little girls who visit their aunt and end up face-to-face with a monster that has been terrorizing the town for centuries. Cora and her younger sister Mimi do not want to go to Aunt Ida’s cottage, but they are forced to by their loving but irresponsible young father. Ida wants nothing to do with the girls, but has no choice but to watch over them until she can send them home. Cora is immediately unhappy with the situation- who would want to spend their summer in a crumbling old home, with all the windows bolted shut and most of the rooms locked? Soon after the girls arrive, they make friends with two neighborhood boys named Roger and Pete who show the girls all the interesting sites around the village…including the old church they were forbidden to visit. Once they have been to the church, very strange things start to happen: Cora hears eerie songs being sung in the house when she’s alone, they see the ghosts of small children in the graveyard, and awful slithering and scratching noises can be heard around the outside of the house at night. Despite Aunt Ida’s best efforts to protect them, these children are not safe from the monster that seeks them.

This is a very suspenseful and creepy story that was inspired by an old folk poem by the same name as the book. The setting is unique, and allows the reader a perspective on life for a child in Britain following WWII. If you can get past the slang and unfamiliar product names, and you like a good horror story, this is definitely a great read!


Friday Crafternoon- Duck Tape iPad sleeve

Protecting your technology is important, but sometimes the really cool cases cost a ton of money. This easy video tutorial shows you how to make a padded tablet or laptop sleeve with just duck tape and a bubble mailer (the kind of envelope you use to mail breakable stuff)! Since there are so many cool duck tape patterns available in craft stores now, you could find one you really love or combine a few to make it totally you.


YA Book Review- Bubble World by Carol Snow

On the beautiful island of Agalinas, Freesia’s life is perfect. She has the perfect family, perfect friends, and the perfect wardrobe. The weather is always sunny and warm, her classes always have yummy snacks, and there’s always a party to go to and a store to shop in. That is, until the blackouts start happening and she wakes up in a dark room with plastic walls. When she is safe in Agalinas, Freesia, doesn’t like to think about things too hard. So when her perfect little world turns out to be not-so-perfect, she’s got to learn quickly how to navigate the real life she has going on just outside her bubble.

This story has a pretty original plot, which makes it stand out from typical the-world-is-not-what-you-think-it-is books. The author does a great job of making Freesia a relatable character, even though her life in Agalinas has her acting pretty shallow. This book is good for fans of realistic fiction who also enjoy a little sci-fi thrown in.

bubble world

YA Book Review- The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Every four years, two children disappear from the small village of Gavaldon: one beautiful, delightful child, and one ugly, horrible child. No one knows where they go, but the village children will come across new fairy tales years later that star characters eerily similar to their missing playmates. Most of the villagers find this to be a terrible situation, but beautiful Sophie has been waiting all her life for her chance to be stolen away and become a fairytale princess. Her best friend, miserable Agatha, decides to try and protect Sophie the night she hopes the mysterious Schoolmaster will steal her away, but when he comes he decides to take them both, and before they know it they have arrived at the School for Good and Evil. Something is very wrong, though. Agatha has been taken to the School for Good, and Sophie to Evil. When they confront the Schoolmaster, they learn that their very own fairytale has already begun to write itself and is out of their hands. That doesn’t stop Sophie from trying to get in the School for Good where she thinks she belongs, while Agatha makes desperate attempts to get them both back home. Will the girls get out, switch schools, or learn to rule the Schools they’re in?

This book is non-stop action. The author made his name as a screenplay writer, so this story really moves like a movie- which is what it is rumored to be in a couple of years! Also, this is the start of a series, so look for the sequel in early 2014. This book is perfect for fans of Harry potter, and anyone who loves magic, action, and school stories!


YA Book Review- Speechless by Hannah Harrington

High school gossip is vicious, and no one knows that better than Chelsea Knot. One minute she is the sidekick to the most popular girl in school, and the next she has no friends, horrible graffiti written on her locker, and her car has been egged. It starts with a party, where Chelsea walks in on a guy in her class named Noah hooking up with another guy. When she gossips to the drunk group of popular kids, two of the star athletes in her class get so angry over it that they beat Noah in to a coma. Chelsea realizes that her gossip had consequences and gives up the names of the two athletes to the police (which ruins her popular status) and soon decides a vow of silence is the best way to keep her words from hurting anyone else. When you stop talking, you start becoming a better listener, and before she knows it Chelsea has started to form unexpected friendships with people she would never have noticed before.

This book is a good cautionary tale about the dangers of gossiping and spreading rumors. Anyone who likes stories about characters changing for the better will really enjoy this.