YA Book Review- Speechless by Hannah Harrington

High school gossip is vicious, and no one knows that better than Chelsea Knot. One minute she is the sidekick to the most popular girl in school, and the next she has no friends, horrible graffiti written on her locker, and her car has been egged. It starts with a party, where Chelsea walks in on a guy in her class named Noah hooking up with another guy. When she gossips to the drunk group of popular kids, two of the star athletes in her class get so angry over it that they beat Noah in to a coma. Chelsea realizes that her gossip had consequences and gives up the names of the two athletes to the police (which ruins her popular status) and soon decides a vow of silence is the best way to keep her words from hurting anyone else. When you stop talking, you start becoming a better listener, and before she knows it Chelsea has started to form unexpected friendships with people she would never have noticed before.

This book is a good cautionary tale about the dangers of gossiping and spreading rumors. Anyone who likes stories about characters changing for the better will really enjoy this.



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