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YA Book Review- All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

Judith would never have seen how much easier her life in town was before. Once she had disappeared, and then returned with half her tongue cut out, she would never again know the simplicity of being just another girl in her small settler’s town. Through all of Judith’s observations and memories, a sad and tense story is slowly pieced together. We learn that she is most often thinking about the boy she loves, and watching him carefully to make sure he lives a happy life. We read about the loving family she had before, in stark contrast to the cruel widowed mother who now daily reminds her of how little she is worth. We see that the way the town shuns Judith is not at all her fault, but that their disdain for her is largely borne of the fear of not knowing why she and her best friend disappeared as young girls, and why she was the only one to get out alive.

This is one story you will most likely not be able to put down until you finish it. Judith’s tale comes through little by little, as the readers only see through her mind’s eye and only know things as she let’s them be known. Fans of many different genre’s will be captivated by this book, including those who like mystery, thrillers, and historical fiction. There are surprises throughout- grab a copy at the library today!




YA Book Review- Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin Book Two)

Lady Sybella is now a trained assassin of the convent of St. Mortain, and is undercover as the girl she would have grown up to be in her noble father’s household. While she pretends to be the aloof, cruel offspring of one of the most disturbed nobles alive, Count D’albret, she is secretly passing every minute waiting for the chance to slay this evil man who raised her. When she gets an assignment from the convent of St. Mortain to free D’albret’s prisoner, an ally of the Duchess who is being held for torture and agonizing death, she is accidentally whisked away with him and must learn how to navigate a countryside riddled with her father’s men and their other enemies, the French. Can they survive until they reach the young Duchess of Brittany and carry out a plan to overthrow D’albret? And why is this strong, fiercely loyal prisoner getting under her skin the way no man ever has?

If you loved Grave Mercy, you will love Dark Triumph. This book is a whirlwind of adventure, intrigue, romance, and historical fiction with a twist. Sybella’s character is very different from that of Ismae, who is the subject of Grave Mercy, so those who may have thought Ismae’s story was not quite exciting enough will probably still want to pick this up. A great read!

Dark Triumph

YA Book Review- Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin #1)

Ismae has grown up with a horrible father and is about to be married to an equally horrible suitor. On her wedding night, as she is about to suffer the first of her new husband’s abuse, she escapes and is aided in her getaway by a hedge priest. Soon enough she finds herself recovering in a remote convent where she is told her destiny, should she choose to believe it: she is the daughter of the god of death, Mortain, and her life’s work shall be to assassinate those whose evil acts mark them for murder. After months of training in the arts of poison, knife-wielding, and seduction, Ismae is implanted in one of the high courts of Brittany to protect the young duchess Anne and dispose of anyone she sees that is marked for death. This is a difficult enough task for a common girl who now has to pretend to be a member of the royal court, but things get terribly complicated when she reluctantly falls in love with a man who has been clearly marked. There are rules against love for the daughters of Mortain- especially if the object of their affection is also the object of their deadly arts.

This book was simply captivating. Historical fiction isn’t always for everyone, but the supernatural element that exists makes it a good sell to any fantasy fan. The details that the author has written of the convent are dark and fascinating, while most of the information about the royal court and the treachery against Anne is based on fact! Hand this to anyone who loves fantasy, history, supernatural mysteries, and romance!

Also, keep an eye out for the sequel released earlier this month, which tells the story of Ismae’s friend Sybella who is another of the daughters of Mortain.

Grave Mercy

YA Book Review- Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby

Portia is absolutely sure that her father ran away to the circus when he left her with her Aunt Sophia. She is also sure she will find the answers to the mysteries of her family somewhere in Mister’s creepy, lonely house. Living as one of Mister’s “wayward girls” is as depressing and hopeless as it can get…which is why she wastes no time sneaking off to follow the circus that makes it’s way down the road past Mister’s estate. Lucky for her, there is a spot for her in this crowd if she can cut it: she is asked to be the apprentice to the host of the Wonder Show. Between the “freaks” she begins to call friends, the stress of knowing Mister is trying to find her, and her desperation to see her father again, things get very different for Portia very quickly.

This book has tons of imagination, and is great for anyone who likes circus stories, historical settings, and runaways.

wonder show