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Friday Crafternoon- Paper Wrapped Pencils

Creating covered pencils will make that summer homework a lot more fun. This craft is simple and requires few supplies. Grab some round, neutral-colored pencils for your base. Make sure you have Mod Podge and a paintbrush available. Find some paper in a funky pattern, a pretty print, or your favorite color. Then follow the instructions on this blog! The result is a writing utensil uniquely you. Make them for friends and family, too!

covered pencils

(photo credit: omiyageblogs.ca)


Friday Crafternoon- Cereal Box Notepads

This is a great Do-It-Yourself craft if you have the right supplies. It doesn’t require much- just old cereal boxes, scissors (or a paper cutter if you have one), mod podge, and binder clips. If you need a cool gift idea, this is definitely a great choice! Follow this link to the directions.

cereal box notebooks

(photo credit: infarrantlycreative.net)