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Friday Crafternoon- Calendar Journals

Do you like to keep a journal, but you don’t have the time every to write a full entry? A calendar journal might be the right idea for you. Go out and buy a planner that features each month on a  two-page spread (or even one with each week on a two-page spread, if you want more space) and start to decorate it. The nice thing about getting one now is that planners that go from January to December of 2013 should be on sale. Once you pick one out, take it home and decorate. Then at the end of each day take a minute to write something important to remember the day by. By the end of the year you should be able to go back and see all of the interesting things that happened to you!

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YA Book Review- Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Today we have a Guest Reviewer on our blog! Miss Joye, one of our librarians, was so excited about this title that she had to tell you about it herself:

“Leviathan (Leviathan #1) by Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson (Illustrator)

I heard this book described as Steampunk (http://en.wikipedia.or /wiki/Steampunk) and would not disagree with that description, though I would say it is also a lot more! It is definitely a work of Alternate History ( and tells the story of Prince Aleksander, a fictional son of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Ferdinand, whose assassination pretty much led to the First World War (in both the real world and in this story, but in different ways.)
It also tells the story of Deryn Sharp, a common English girl whose main goal in life is to fly, so she disguises herself as a boy to join the British Air Service. How these two stories intertwine, and how these two very different characters come to share one story, is a wonder to behold! The alternative world that this book describes is also full of wonder, with a fascinating mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements, the curious machines of the Clankers and the incredible “beasties” of the Darwinists.

Leviathan is the first book in the Leviathan series, which just gets better and better with each book! Delve into this other world that is at times vastly different than our actual history but at the same time very familiar and easy to relate to.

P.S. The book has a intriguing afterward, in which the author talks about what parts of the story are true and what are fiction. This is both educational and fun: you can not only learn some interesting facts, but you can also see how the author came up with certain ideas and plotlines, which is appealing for anyone who might be thinking of writing their own stories!”


Friday Crafternoon- Weird Ways to Paint

Feeling artsy today, but you want to try something different? Grab some paints and paper, and take a look around your house for new and different tools to paint with. Abstract art is everywhere, and now you can be an abstract artist too! This website offers a bunch of suggestions. You can also try different kitchen utensils, a toothbrush, pen or marker caps, and pretty much anything else you don’t mind getting paint on.

Let me know what objects you’ve tried painting with in the comments!


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YA Book Review- Scarlet (#2 of the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer


Last week’s post was about the first book in this futuristic series featuring famous fairy tale characters. This book, which is due to be published this February, stars none other than Red Riding Hood. Life on her quiet farm in a small French town never seemed out of the ordinary to Scarlet. That is, until her grandmother mysteriously disappears and no one will help Scarlet find her. Throw in a dangerous, surly stranger that goes by the name of Wolf and the reappearance of her once charming but now deranged father and you can quickly see that her life will never be the same. Expect to see the return of some of your favorite characters from the first book, including Cinder herself. I won’t reveal too much here so I don’t give away anything important, but Marissa Meyer sure knows how to write a story.

Once again, this book is great for sci-fi lovers, fantasy enthusiasts, action seekers, and also romance fans.


Friday Crafternoon- Paper Ball Garland

Got the winter blahs? Sometimes the after-holiday lull can be boring and make you anxious for Spring. Here’s an idea: redecorate! Changing the look of your environment could be the pick-up that you need. Use this great tutorial (the link for the paper balls is in there, too) on how to make a fun paper ball garland and string them up all over your room, or in your locker at school. They are also a great option for decorating a party!


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YA Book Review- Cinder (#1 of the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer


It seems like fairy tale retellings are everywhere these days, but I definitely don’t hear anyone complaining. This particularly imaginative version of the classic Cinderella involves Earth in the distant future. Cinder is a mechanic, and a cyborg (half human and half machine) which alienates her pretty well from the rest of society. She works to support the lifestyle of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Meanwhile, a quick and deadly plague has been haunting the planet for fifteen years, and the constant threat of an attack from the cold and calculating people of the moon society called Luna. Just how, exactly, does this involve Cinder? Is her budding friendship with the handsome Prince Kai actually putting his life in danger? Read on!

This book is great for a lot of people, including those who like science fiction, fantasy, and action. This is also the first in a series, so settle in for a long and exciting ride with these characters.


Friday Crafternoon- DIY Eraser Stamps

Stamps are a really cool way to customize your stuff, but the stamps you can find in stores might not be exactly what you want. If you have a great stamp idea and want to bring it to life on your own, then this is the tutorial for you! All you need are rubber erasers, found anywhere you can buy school supplies, and an Xacto knife which are sold in craft and office supply stores.

Tell us about your DIY stamps in the comments!

DIY stamps

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