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Friday Crafternoon- Arm Knit Scarf

This is the perfect time of year to whip up a quick, cozy accessory for yourself or a friend! All you need are a couple skeins of yarn which you can find for a good price at your local craft store. Go pick out some cool colors and then check out this tutorial on how to make this super-easy scarf.



Friday Crafternoon- Melted Snowman Cookies

Winter weather is always unpredictable. Imagine how much that would stress you out if you were a snowman! Get in to the spirit of the season by making these delicious and fun Melted Snowman Cookies. Let us know how they turn out in the comments!

melted snowman

(photo credit: grouprecipes.com)

Friday Crafternoon- Magazine Strip Art

The problem with magazines is that once you get through them cover-to-cover, you’re probably not going to pick them up again, and then you’re stuck with stacks of unused paper. Why not upcycle them? This awesome craft idea uses strips of magazine pages and a simple outline to create super unique pieces of art. You come up with the outline- a silhouette of someone’s face, your favorite shape, or maybe your home state. Once you’ve drawn it out on a nice, big piece of paper (or even a canvas), cut magazine pages in to strips and then trim the strips to sit inside your outline. Glue them down, and there you go! Check out the tutorial here for more info.


(photo credit: ilovedecoration.com)

Friday Crafternoon- DIY Minecraft Sword

Halloween may have been yesterday, but there’s no wrong time to get geeky with a Minecraft accessory. This super simple Minecraft Sword just requires a color printer, some particle board (found at your craft stores or office supply stores) and a blade or exacto knife. This is a great rainy-day craft to do with your friends- and a great excuse to have (safe) swordfights!

Find the tutorial here.


Friday Crafternoon- Jewelry and Nail Polish

One thing that any nail polish fan knows is that sometimes you get sick of a color halfway through the bottle and never use it again. What can you do with all that leftover polish? There are tons of craft ideas out there, but this one helps you use up old polish AND give your jewelry a totally new look. Try it out on a piece of jewelry you can stand to lose if you mess up (or keep a bottle of nail polish remover on hand!). Like with most crafts, this is also a great gift idea!

nailpolish jewelry

(photo credit: http://gloryboonblog.com)

Friday Crafternoon- Glow-in-the-dark Slime

Messy crafts are best done outside, so the summertime is the perfect part of the year to experiment with them! Making glow-in-the-dark slime is a lot easier than you’d think- the ingredients can all be found at your local craft store or supermarket, and it’s really quick! If you have younger brothers, sisters, cousins, or friends, this is a cool group project that everybody can get in to. Check out the instructions here!

glow in the dark slime and recipe 1

(photo credit: growingajeweledrose.com)