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YA Book Review- Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough

This story, set in Britain in the 1950’s, tells the tale of two little girls who visit their aunt and end up face-to-face with a monster that has been terrorizing the town for centuries. Cora and her younger sister Mimi do not want to go to Aunt Ida’s cottage, but they are forced to by their loving but irresponsible young father. Ida wants nothing to do with the girls, but has no choice but to watch over them until she can send them home. Cora is immediately unhappy with the situation- who would want to spend their summer in a crumbling old home, with all the windows bolted shut and most of the rooms locked? Soon after the girls arrive, they make friends with two neighborhood boys named Roger and Pete who show the girls all the interesting sites around the village…including the old church they were forbidden to visit. Once they have been to the church, very strange things start to happen: Cora hears eerie songs being sung in the house when she’s alone, they see the ghosts of small children in the graveyard, and awful slithering and scratching noises can be heard around the outside of the house at night. Despite Aunt Ida’s best efforts to protect them, these children are not safe from the monster that seeks them.

This is a very suspenseful and creepy story that was inspired by an old folk poem by the same name as the book. The setting is unique, and allows the reader a perspective on life for a child in Britain following WWII. If you can get past the slang and unfamiliar product names, and you like a good horror story, this is definitely a great read!


YA Book Review- Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann

This book review has been written by a guest reviewer, local New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School student Sofia! Thanks so much to Sofia for writing this up šŸ™‚

“Lisa McMann wrote a young adult fiction book called Cryer’s Cross which took place in a small town called Cryer’s Cross, Montana. This is a place where two too many high school students go missing. Kendal Fletcher would be consideredĀ asĀ the average high school student excluding her OCD but has a sweet boyfriend, Nico Cruz, and a big future for herself until Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz go missing. She has sleepless nights. She totally discards the possibility that he might be dead. When she touchesĀ theĀ same desk that they both used to sit in, she hear voices and sees ā€œnew graffiti on it that looks oldā€. After she is possessed likeĀ to go to an old graveyard (in the middle of the night) that her grandfather has dark secrets about, she finds Nico’s dead body in a grave right next to Tiffany Quinn’s who went missing a few days before Nico and all secrets are revealed about the old boarding school that Kendal’s grandfather used to go to, witnessing the death of students in the same desk that Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz used to sit in. So the desk was put into the storage room but Kendal Fletcher will never be the same again.”


YA Book Review- Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

What would you do, if you were riding the bus to school one day and a hailstorm hit so hard that it literally tore the vehicle to pieces? How would you feel if the storm was so bad that you and all of the students on the bus had to hide out in a superstore until things were safe again? And then, just when you thought things were scary enough, a leak from a nearby chemical weapons plant causes the outside air to make people paranoid, hallucinate, or worse? This is the situation for Dean and all of the other kids who were lucky enough to find shelter at the Greenway just in time. This novel, a first in a series, follows the story of how they survive, try to figure out an escape, and try to figure out who to trust. Pick this up if you like action and horror, or stories set in the strange America of the near future.