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YA Book Review- Reality Boy by A. S. King

**This book is not scheduled to be published until October 2013, so you have plenty of time to get excited about it!**

Ever since Gerald’s family was on a reality TV show when he was four, his life will never be normal. The show featured a “Nanny” who was hired to come in and fix Gerald’s bad behavior- but he ended up permanently scarred from the experience. Not only did it land him with a horrible nickname, he hasn’t had a single friend since. Now that he’s almost 17, he’s in Special Ed because his mother would rather believe that he has special needs than face the fact that his family is the root of his violent tendencies. He steeps himself in an imaginary world when he is angry, which drives even more people away. Then he meets Hannah, the first person in a long time that doesn’t care about his infamy and wants to get to know who he really is. Will she help him stand up to his family and start to heal, or be just another person who breaks his heart?

This author does an amazing job of writing from a troubled teen guy’s point of view. Readers who like their realistic fiction with lots of emotional baggage will love this title.



Friday Crafternoon- Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

This is a fun way to bust the heat of summer and enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream. You will need a balloon, solid pieces of the chocolate of your choice, and a bowl. Inflate the balloon, wipe it down with a wet cloth, and tape it tied-end-side-down in the bowl. Then, melt the chocolate pieces for about 15 seconds in a microwave, and pour the melted chocolate on top of the balloon very slowly. When the whole top of the balloon is covered, stick the whole thing in the fridge for five minutes. Take it out after the five minutes, remove the balloon from the bowl, lay the chocolate end on a plate, and POP the balloon! Scoop in your ice cream and enjoy 🙂 The illustrations below are a great guide for this!

chocolATE BOWl

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YA book review- The 100 by Kass Morgan

**This book is not expected to be published until September of 2013 so you have plenty of time to get excited about it**

Humans have been living on a space station  far above the earth for three hundred years. They abandoned the planet because nuclear war contaminated everything with radiation and it was no longer safe to inhabit. Living on a space station was only supposed to be a temporary solution, and now that the station is starting to fall apart, the people in charge need to figure out how to save the last of the human race. That’s where 100 teenaged prisoners come in: in order to wipe their sentences clean and help save their race, they are being sent to Earth to see if the planet is once again safe for human’s to inhabit. Told from the point of view of four of these incarcerated teens, this book explores the new world humans have created and the old world we once dominated. Is Earth any safer than a dying space station?

This book is intense and is definitely the first in a series. Romances abound, but they are strained by the turmoil spreading throughout the population of human beings who have no idea what lies ahead for them. Pick this up if you like science fiction, dystopian stories, and teenage romances. Also, this book is the inspiration for the CW’s new TV show by the same name!


Friday Crafternoon-Painted Cans

The inspiration for this comes from this awesome store. If you save your cans to recycle then you already have half of what you need! Go out and grab some acrylic paints and different sized paintbrushes and then SMASH your can with your foot. Let your imagination run wild with your designs. Check out the pictures below for inspiration!

painted can

Painted Can- “Screaming Nine” by Luis Diaz


Painted Can- “Hungry?” by Chelsea Bull

YA Book Review- Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

If wishes were real things you could spend like money, what would you wish for? Karou’s friends don’t believe that her blue hair grows naturally, but it does, because of a wish she got for her birthday. She was raised by strange creatures she calls monsters that are part human and parts of lots of other animals. Brimestone’s shop, full of teeth from all kinds of creatures, is where she learned to read and write and play. She’s been sent to school all over the world through the strange shop door that opens to different cities every time she leaves it. For high school, she’s been attending an art school in beautiful Prague and living her life as mysteriously as she can while maintaining a few good friends. Things are nice and as normal as they can be for her- until the day she meets an angry angel on the streets who she soon learns is out to destroy her family and the life she knows behind the shop’s doors. What she doesn’t realize is how much has been hidden from her about the lives of her monster friends, and how important she will be in the dangerous battle that is looming between angels and devils.

Laini Taylor weaves an incredible tale of heartbreak and beauty and life and death. Her words will make you want to visit Prague and peak in to alleyways to see if her characters are real. This book is great for anyone who likes supernatural romances and strong female characters. Bonus: it’s the first in a trilogy and you will not want to miss the other two books!


Friday Crafternoon- Custom Magnets

The new school year might seem a long way off, but it’s definitely not too early to start doing fun crafts for your locker. Lucky for you, it is SUPER easy to make cool custom magnets and it won’t break the bank! You will find the basic supplies- plain round magnets, small clear glass stones, and glue- at your local craft store. Cut out a small picture the size of the flat side of the stone and glue it to the stone. Then, glue your magnet to the picture, and there you have it: a completely unique magnet! You will end up making a ton, so share them with friends as a back-to-school gift or even send them away to college with someone. Here is another cool idea for the same basic magnet- glitter!


(photo credit:

YA Book Review- The Ruining by Anna Collomore

Growing up in a broken home in Detroit has Annie feeling like she’s got nothing but bad luck, until she lands the perfect new job nannying while she’s away at college in California. Her new employer Libby, the beautiful young mother of a little girl and baby boy, immediately accepts her with open arms and showers her with nice clothes and a luxurious home life. The little girl Annie is in charge of is darling, school is exciting, and Annie cannot believe her luck when she attracts the attention of the hunk next door. Things seem almost too good to be true. Her bubble of happiness doesn’t last very long, however, when she starts to get in to strange arguments with Libby that leave her feeling like she’s done something wrong even when she hasn’t. Annie’s bedroom door is removed for “repairs”, taking away her privacy, and her work schedule goes from being a normal 9 to 5 to including every minute she isn’t at school. She feels herself going crazy and things are falling apart around her- but whose fault is it?

Based on the classic story The Yellow Wallpaper, this author creates an exciting and twisted psychological thriller set in the idyllic hills of California. The reader will be just as lost as Annie is when trying to determine who is to be trusted and the ending will have you thinking about the book for days.