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Library Summer Reading 2013

It’s time for Summer Reading at the Library!

Teens entering 7th through 12 th grades are encouraged to come in to the Library and register to partake in our Summer Reading program. This program involves recording what you are reading throughout the summer and getting rewarded for it!

It’s simple: when you sign up you will receive an information packet that includes a bookmark log. On the bookmark, you keep track of the books you are reading and how much time you spend reading by checking off a star for every 30 minutes- once the bookmark log is full (after 5 hours), return it to the library to receive a prize!

There are five prizes you can win, including an Applebee’s coupon for a free sundae, and a free book from Rutger’s Barnes & Noble. Once you submit five bookmarks (25 hours) you will be invited to come to our Summer Reading Fair on August 17th and enjoy free food, games, extra prizes, and a water slide!

Call or come in to the library today to find out more and get a calendar of summer events!


NY Times contest- great for summer readers!

If you are interested in current events, or like to read as much as you can, this is a great contest for you. The Fourth Annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest rewards teens who read the New York Times and write in their responses to the articles. You are welcome to pick anything out of the newspaper to respond to, and you don’t have to keep it positive- if you liked or didn’t like something, the newspaper wants to know how you feel and why! Also, don’t worry about having to write long essays because these responses are required to be shorter than 350 words. Every week a winner is picked and celebrated in the New York Times itself!

It is very important that you read the entire list of rules and requirements so that you can enter the contest properly. The official rules can be found here. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell us if you win!


(photo credit: dailyfinance.com)