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Friday Crafternoon- Jewelry and Nail Polish

One thing that any nail polish fan knows is that sometimes you get sick of a color halfway through the bottle and never use it again. What can you do with all that leftover polish? There are tons of craft ideas out there, but this one helps you use up old polish AND give your jewelry a totally new look. Try it out on a piece of jewelry you can stand to lose if you mess up (or keep a bottle of nail polish remover on hand!). Like with most crafts, this is also a great gift idea!

nailpolish jewelry

(photo credit: http://gloryboonblog.com)


Friday Crafternoon- Fun Jewelry From Dollhouse Minis

If you’ve been thinking your jewelry looks a little boring lately, this is a great project to update your collection. Head over to the craft story and grab the basics: ring blanks, pin backs, pendant blanks, or earrings backs (in the jewelry section) and some very strong glue (like superglue or E6000 fabric glue). Then find the dollhouse section and have a great time picking out all of the miniature pieces you want to make jewelry with! This crafter has examples like using a tiny teacup or paint pallet. The possibilities are only as limited as the store’s selection!


(photo credit: simplemom.net)