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Friday Crafternoon- Word Hairpins

This craft gives you the opportunity to create fun, one-of-a-kind hair accessories without spending a ton of money. Gather your materials: bobby pins, tweezers, alphabet pasta, superglue, and spray paint. Follow the steps listed here. The creative possibilities are endless!


(photo credit: whimsybox,com)


Friday Crafternoon- Colorblocked Candles

Have a bunch of old crayon stubs laying around? There are tons of cool crafts out there that use crayons, but this one makes a really unique decoration (and gift!) and the color combinations are endless. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies or prep, either, and what you do need can be found at craft stores for cheap. A tip: buy some essential oils to mix in with the wax and you’ll have a cool candle that smells great, too!

crayon candle

(photo credit: http://www.brit.co/color-block-candles/)

Friday Crafternoon- Custom Magnets

The new school year might seem a long way off, but it’s definitely not too early to start doing fun crafts for your locker. Lucky for you, it is SUPER easy to make cool custom magnets and it won’t break the bank! You will find the basic supplies- plain round magnets, small clear glass stones, and glue- at your local craft store. Cut out a small picture the size of the flat side of the stone and glue it to the stone. Then, glue your magnet to the picture, and there you have it: a completely unique magnet! You will end up making a ton, so share them with friends as a back-to-school gift or even send them away to college with someone. Here is another cool idea for the same basic magnet- glitter!


(photo credit: deloop-deloop.blogspot.ca)

Friday Crafternoon- Fun Jewelry From Dollhouse Minis

If you’ve been thinking your jewelry looks a little boring lately, this is a great project to update your collection. Head over to the craft story and grab the basics: ring blanks, pin backs, pendant blanks, or earrings backs (in the jewelry section) and some very strong glue (like superglue or E6000 fabric glue). Then find the dollhouse section and have a great time picking out all of the miniature pieces you want to make jewelry with! This crafter has examples like using a tiny teacup or paint pallet. The possibilities are only as limited as the store’s selection!


(photo credit: simplemom.net)

Friday Crafternoon- Fun Sponge and Sprinkle Letters

Do you need a funky gift for someone, or a cool way to make a gift tag? This craft is super easy an relatively cheap! All you need are some new dollar-store sponges, and tacky glue and plastic sprinkles from your local craft store. Cut out any letters you want (or even simple shapes), cover them in the glue, and then coat them in the sprinkles. Once they dry, you have a totally easy and totally fun piece of art on your hands. Try doing this outside so you can enjoy the weather and cut down on the mess!

Sprinkle letters

(photo credit: cremedelacraft.com)

Friday Crafternoon- Mini Mounted Fake Animal Heads

This DIY craft will result in a funky and totally different little decoration. Have you seen animal heads mounted in restaurants or stores? Perhaps a gigantic moose head over a fireplace? You can create your own (safe and humane) version of these! Everything you need can be found at a dollar store or craft store. Also, these would make great gifts for friends or family who have wacky taste! Check out the directions here.


(photo credit: llevoelinvierno.blogspot.com)