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Friday Crafternoon- Braided Paper Bookmarks

Last week, we had a Grab-N-Go craft here at the library that featured this craft idea. It’s super simple, you probably already have the supplies at home, and the color combinations are endless! If you like to give books as gifts, these are the perfect accessory to go with it!


(photo credit: scrapbooksetc.com/blogs/iscrapuscrap)


Friday Crafternoon- Fun and Silly Bookmarks

Are you a big reader? Do you know someone who is? Bookmarks are very important to anyone who loves to read (bending the corner of the page ruins the book!). If you are tired of using old receipts you find lying around, or need a cute and easy gift idea, consider making a bunch of bookmarks! This website has a collection of great ideas- there’s something here for everyone!


(photo credit: coffeebreakcrn.blogspot.com)

Valentine’s Day Program- Bookmarks

For Valentine’s Day this year, we held a Tween program at the library. The age group that we invite to our Tween events is 4th – 7th grade. Instead of making conventional Valentine’s, we gave it a library twist and put out supplies to make Bookmarks! Lot’s of lucky friends and relatives will have a fun, handmade Bookmark Valentine to use this year. Of course, when creativity was let loose with tons of craft supplies and the spirit of the holiday, some really beautiful “conventional” valentines were also made.

Here are some photos from the event!

Vday Bookmarks 1 Vday Bookmarks 2 Vday Bookmarks 3