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YA Book Review- The Ruining by Anna Collomore

Growing up in a broken home in Detroit has Annie feeling like she’s got nothing but bad luck, until she lands the perfect new job nannying while she’s away at college in California. Her new employer Libby, the beautiful young mother of a little girl and baby boy, immediately accepts her with open arms and showers her with nice clothes and a luxurious home life. The little girl Annie is in charge of is darling, school is exciting, and Annie cannot believe her luck when she attracts the attention of the hunk next door. Things seem almost too good to be true. Her bubble of happiness doesn’t last very long, however, when she starts to get in to strange arguments with Libby that leave her feeling like she’s done something wrong even when she hasn’t. Annie’s bedroom door is removed for “repairs”, taking away her privacy, and her work schedule goes from being a normal 9 to 5 to including every minute she isn’t at school. She feels herself going crazy and things are falling apart around her- but whose fault is it?

Based on the classic story The Yellow Wallpaper, this author creates an exciting and twisted psychological thriller set in the idyllic hills of California. The reader will be just as lost as Annie is when trying to determine who is to be trusted and the ending will have you thinking about the book for days.