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YA Book Review- Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Today we have another review from our guest reviewer Sofia!

“SHUT OUT is a romantic comedy by Kody Keplinger and takes place in an average American town. Lissa Daniels is the girlfriend of the quarterback for Hamilton High’s football team. Ever since Lissa’s older brother Logan attended that high school a few years ago, there have been rivalries, not between schools but between their own football and soccer team, for no apparent reason. Lissa can’t take the violence between the teams any longer, especially when Randy seems to care about fights with the soccer team more than her. Things kept getting worse when Randy’s car kept on getting egged while they were making out in it- she also hated hearing him talk about the rock that the soccer goalie threw at him, and hearing about a soccer player who is in the hospital with a torn ACL from being chased in the woods at night by football players. Lissa thinks the only way to end it once and for all is to go on a hookup strike. After Lissa gets the girlfriends of players from both teams together, they vow to not be physically intimate with their boyfriends. They have sleepovers talking about what their boyfriends have been doing to bribe them so far. Little did Lissa know that the strike will be the cause for her boyfriend to cheat on her, resulting in a breakup. Now, Cash Sterling, a hot soccer playing classmate, coworker of hers at the library, and an old summer crush, is the leader of the boys who try to do everything to make the girls break their vows. They go as far as to crash the girls’ sleepover party by stripping in the backyard, jumping into the pool and inviting the girls in, and getting one of the players to play his guitar and sing to his girlfriend while all of the other boys sing the chorus. This never works, so now Lissa has a new plan to get back at them by going to Cash’s house, making him kiss her and then through her seductive ways make him end the battle. That does not work out exactly as planed…. Lissa went too far- is it ever going to end?”

shut out