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YA Book Review- Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby

Portia is absolutely sure that her father ran away to the circus when he left her with her Aunt Sophia. She is also sure she will find the answers to the mysteries of her family somewhere in Mister’s creepy, lonely house. Living as one of Mister’s “wayward girls” is as depressing and hopeless as it can get…which is why she wastes no time sneaking off to follow the circus that makes it’s way down the road past Mister’s estate. Lucky for her, there is a spot for her in this crowd if she can cut it: she is asked to be the apprentice to the host of the Wonder Show. Between the “freaks” she begins to call friends, the stress of knowing Mister is trying to find her, and her desperation to see her father again, things get very different for Portia very quickly.

This book has tons of imagination, and is great for anyone who likes circus stories, historical settings, and runaways.

wonder show