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YA Book Review- Reality Boy by A. S. King

**This book is not scheduled to be published until October 2013, so you have plenty of time to get excited about it!**

Ever since Gerald’s family was on a reality TV show when he was four, his life will never be normal. The show featured a “Nanny” who was hired to come in and fix Gerald’s bad behavior- but he ended up permanently scarred from the experience. Not only did it land him with a horrible nickname, he hasn’t had a single friend since. Now that he’s almost 17, he’s in Special Ed because his mother would rather believe that he has special needs than face the fact that his family is the root of his violent tendencies. He steeps himself in an imaginary world when he is angry, which drives even more people away. Then he meets Hannah, the first person in a long time that doesn’t care about his infamy and wants to get to know who he really is. Will she help him stand up to his family and start to heal, or be just another person who breaks his heart?

This author does an amazing job of writing from a troubled teen guy’s point of view. Readers who like their realistic fiction with lots of emotional baggage will love this title.