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Library Summer Reading 2013

It’s time for Summer Reading at the Library!

Teens entering 7th through 12 th grades are encouraged to come in to the Library and register to partake in our Summer Reading program. This program involves recording what you are reading throughout the summer and getting rewarded for it!

It’s simple: when you sign up you will receive an information packet that includes a bookmark log. On the bookmark, you keep track of the books you are reading and how much time you spend reading by checking off a star for every 30 minutes- once the bookmark log is full (after 5 hours), return it to the library to receive a prize!

There are five prizes you can win, including an Applebee’s coupon for a free sundae, and a free book from Rutger’s Barnes & Noble. Once you submit five bookmarks (25 hours) you will be invited to come to our Summer Reading Fair on August 17th and enjoy free food, games, extra prizes, and a water slide!

Call or come in to the library today to find out more and get a calendar of summer events!


Program recap- Tween Poetry!

For National Poetry Month, we held a Tween Poetry Program at the Library! This event was open to anyone in grades 4 through 8, and it featured multiple ways to create poems: using magazine words and letters, rearranging the spines of books, blacking out words on a page to leave behind the words of a poem, and using magnetic poetry words! There were also books of poetry on hand to be checked out. Here are some examples of the beautiful work that was created at the program:

blackout poemmagazine poem magnet poem spine poem


Valentine’s Day Program- Bookmarks

For Valentine’s Day this year, we held a Tween program at the library. The age group that we invite to our Tween events is 4th – 7th grade. Instead of making conventional Valentine’s, we gave it a library twist and put out supplies to make Bookmarks! Lot’s of lucky friends and relatives will have a fun, handmade Bookmark Valentine to use this year. Of course, when creativity was let loose with tons of craft supplies and the spirit of the holiday, some really beautiful “conventional” valentines were also made.

Here are some photos from the event!

Vday Bookmarks 1 Vday Bookmarks 2 Vday Bookmarks 3

Tween Program re-cap: Apple Smiles!

Today we had a Tween program (for students in 4th through 8th grade) and we made Apple Smiles!

They were messy but delicious. You can find a recipe like the one we used here.

What we’ve done this month!

Now that October is coming to an end, take a look back at what we’ve created this month!
No-Bake Granola Bars: This delicious craft was just as much fun as it was yummy. We used this recipe, and split up the steps by drawing numbers out of a hat. While the granola set in the freezer, we relaxed with a movie, and then enjoyed what we made!

Tween Crafternoon- Halloween Costumes: For this 4th-through-8th grader event, materials were provided and imaginations were encouraged. Here are some of the results!

T-shirt Scarves: Using some leftover t-shirts, and the great ideas you can find on this website, we had a great time making fun and funky scarves for the Fall.

Check back for more updates on what the NBFPL Teens and Tweens are up to.  Also, keep an eye out for YA book reviews, cool craft ideas, and more. Thanks for visiting!