YA Book Review- Drowning Instinct by Ilsa J. Bick

More from our guest reviewer, Sophia!

“Drowning Instinct by Lisa J. Bick is no funny book unless you think Jenna Lord’s secret affair with her science teacher Mitch Anderson at her new school Turning High (filled with mentally unstable but very smart teens) is funny. Jenna  has been through sexual assaults from her Alzheimer’s-suffering grandfather and molestation from her pediatrician Dr. Kerby. School is not much better with a bully named Danielle hating her, while Danielle’s boyfriend David trying to use Jenna to get back at Danielle. Jenna struggles with accepting the loss of her older brother who is a soldier overseas. Mr. Anderson is there to help Jenna through it all because he sees a troubled girl who he just wants to fix so bad that he can be locked up for her…or worse. There are no innocents, not in this book, where everyone suffers and loved ones die.”

drowning instinct

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