YA Book Review: Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

In a sleepy small town, a Gay Prom is held where two technicolor-haired boys meet for the first time. In another town a young man who feels nothing but emptiness tries to meet a guy online that can spark some emotion in him. At the same time, two ex-boyfriends who are now best friends plan to take on the monumental task of breaking the Guinness World Record for kissing (for over 32 hours straight). As all of these stories unfold, the spirits of a generation of gay men who lost their lives too soon to AIDs watch over these boys and celebrate their happinesses while mourning their own lost chances.

The omniscient narrators lend a unique perspective to a story that would otherwise see to bounce around unrealistically. This story is filled with hope and heartbreak, suspense and predictability, and will take the reader through some seriously emotional moments. Hand this title to anyone who likes tales of love, triumph, and especially those who are interested in reading a great GLBTQ book.


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