YA Book Review- Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

When you live on a floating island in the clouds, it would seem only natural to wonder what would happen if you jumped off the edge…but on the island of Internment it is considered anarchy to entertain thoughts of jumping to the ground, and the people that try it (and survive) are never the same. Morgan’s brother jumped once, back when he was a successful government scientist- now he is blind and spends his days locked away and using a recorder to write stories. Maybe it’s because of her brother that Morgan has a curious mind, despite her serene existence in the sky, but she knows better than to talk freely about her wandering thoughts. That is, until a couple of horrific murders cause security to increase and put everyone under a microscope. Before she knows it, Morgan is sneaking food to the alleged murderer that she’s convinced is innocent, lying to her betrothed, and wondering more and more about what life is like on the ground. What will she do when she realizes how closely she’s being watched?

This book is the first in a very promising trilogy and takes a really interesting approach to outcast-ed futuristic societies. You may remember Lauren DeStefano from her Chemical Garden Trilogy (Wither, Fever, Sever) so definitely pick this up if you liked those books! It’s also got a touch of a spiritual element to it, and is great for readers who like their heroines to think outside the box.


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