YA Book Review- Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

In a small, quiet town called Never Better that you can only find if you’ve already visited, a boy named Jeremy Johnson Johnson has the special ability of being able to talk to ghosts. The ghost that chooses to make a regular companion of Jeremy, and the narrator of this tale, is famous storyteller Jacob Grimm. Things seem innocent enough at the beginning of the story: introverted Jeremy is chosen by the sensational Ginger Boultinghouse to help her and her friends break in to the local baker’s home and play a simple prank. When the town finds out what happened and that Jeremy was involved, every last citizen gives him the cold shoulder. The kindly baker, however, looks past the town’s attitude and begins to enlist Jeremy and Ginger to help him with odd jobs. Jacob is ever-watchful, and always ready to give Jeremy advice or a warning, so he is the most surprised when Jeremy and Ginger find themselves caught in a dangerous trap that they might not survive.

The narrator really makes this story feel like a fairy tale. Having written as the ghost of one of the greatest storytellers in history, the author takes what would be a standard small-town mystery and gives it a beautiful, haunting perspective. Hand this to fairy tale lovers old and new, and anyone who loves a good mystery!

far far away


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