Friday Crafternoon- Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

This is a fun way to bust the heat of summer and enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream. You will need a balloon, solid pieces of the chocolate of your choice, and a bowl. Inflate the balloon, wipe it down with a wet cloth, and tape it tied-end-side-down in the bowl. Then, melt the chocolate pieces for about 15 seconds in a microwave, and pour the melted chocolate on top of the balloon very slowly. When the whole top of the balloon is covered, stick the whole thing in the fridge for five minutes. Take it out after the five minutes, remove the balloon from the bowl, lay the chocolate end on a plate, and POP the balloon! Scoop in your ice cream and enjoy 🙂 The illustrations below are a great guide for this!

chocolATE BOWl

(image found on


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