YA Book Review- Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann

This book review has been written by a guest reviewer, local New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School student Sofia! Thanks so much to Sofia for writing this up 🙂

“Lisa McMann wrote a young adult fiction book called Cryer’s Cross which took place in a small town called Cryer’s Cross, Montana. This is a place where two too many high school students go missing. Kendal Fletcher would be considered as the average high school student excluding her OCD but has a sweet boyfriend, Nico Cruz, and a big future for herself until Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz go missing. She has sleepless nights. She totally discards the possibility that he might be dead. When she touches the same desk that they both used to sit in, she hear voices and sees “new graffiti on it that looks old”. After she is possessed like to go to an old graveyard (in the middle of the night) that her grandfather has dark secrets about, she finds Nico’s dead body in a grave right next to Tiffany Quinn’s who went missing a few days before Nico and all secrets are revealed about the old boarding school that Kendal’s grandfather used to go to, witnessing the death of students in the same desk that Tiffany Quinn and Nico Cruz used to sit in. So the desk was put into the storage room but Kendal Fletcher will never be the same again.”



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