YA Book Review- Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

*SPOILER ALERT* If you have not read the first book in this series (Delirium) and you do not wish to read any spoilers, do not read below!


Lena has woken up in the Wilds. She has no idea where she is, or who is taking care of her. As she regains her strength and works through her crippling grief from losing Alex, she begins to work within the small community if people who have made their home in the untamed lands between cities. It almost seems too soon when they have to migrate south for the winter, which is made a more harrowing task than ever when their site is bombed by government planes. After trekking for miles, losing a group member to illness, being attacked by other, violent Invalids, and making it to the border of Manhattan, Lena becomes involved with a mission to infiltrate a radical group determined to administer the cure to infants and eradicate all uncureds. Kidnapping, abuse, more running, and a delicate budding romance keep this story moving at full-speed.

If you loved Delirium, you simply must read this next installment of the trilogy. Lena’s entire worldview has changed since we first met her, and so much more is going on behind the scenes of her society than we were led to believe in the first book. Once again, I think this series has something for everyone- it is action-packed, quickly paced, a scary image of a possible future, and carries an undercurrent of romance the entire time. Pick up a copy from your library today!



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