YA Book Review- Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Today we have a Guest Reviewer on our blog! Miss Joye, one of our librarians, was so excited about this title that she had to tell you about it herself:

“Leviathan (Leviathan #1) by Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson (Illustrator)

I heard this book described as Steampunk (http://en.wikipedia.or /wiki/Steampunk) and would not disagree with that description, though I would say it is also a lot more! It is definitely a work of Alternate History (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_history) and tells the story of Prince Aleksander, a fictional son of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Ferdinand, whose assassination pretty much led to the First World War (in both the real world and in this story, but in different ways.)
It also tells the story of Deryn Sharp, a common English girl whose main goal in life is to fly, so she disguises herself as a boy to join the British Air Service. How these two stories intertwine, and how these two very different characters come to share one story, is a wonder to behold! The alternative world that this book describes is also full of wonder, with a fascinating mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements, the curious machines of the Clankers and the incredible “beasties” of the Darwinists.

Leviathan is the first book in the Leviathan series, which just gets better and better with each book! Delve into this other world that is at times vastly different than our actual history but at the same time very familiar and easy to relate to.

P.S. The book has a intriguing afterward, in which the author talks about what parts of the story are true and what are fiction. This is both educational and fun: you can not only learn some interesting facts, but you can also see how the author came up with certain ideas and plotlines, which is appealing for anyone who might be thinking of writing their own stories!”



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