YA Book Review- Cinder (#1 of the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer


It seems like fairy tale retellings are everywhere these days, but I definitely don’t hear anyone complaining. This particularly imaginative version of the classic Cinderella involves Earth in the distant future. Cinder is a mechanic, and a cyborg (half human and half machine) which alienates her pretty well from the rest of society. She works to support the lifestyle of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Meanwhile, a quick and deadly plague has been haunting the planet for fifteen years, and the constant threat of an attack from the cold and calculating people of the moon society called Luna. Just how, exactly, does this involve Cinder? Is her budding friendship with the handsome Prince Kai actually putting his life in danger? Read on!

This book is great for a lot of people, including those who like science fiction, fantasy, and action. This is also the first in a series, so settle in for a long and exciting ride with these characters.


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