YA Book Review- Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

What would you do, if you were riding the bus to school one day and a hailstorm hit so hard that it literally tore the vehicle to pieces? How would you feel if the storm was so bad that you and all of the students on the bus had to hide out in a superstore until things were safe again? And then, just when you thought things were scary enough, a leak from a nearby chemical weapons plant causes the outside air to make people paranoid, hallucinate, or worse? This is the situation for Dean and all of the other kids who were lucky enough to find shelter at the Greenway just in time. This novel, a first in a series, follows the story of how they survive, try to figure out an escape, and try to figure out who to trust. Pick this up if you like action and horror, or stories set in the strange America of the near future.


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  1. That’s a lot of what ifs. Too bad they don’t make any sense. If hail was big enough to tear a bus apart, most of the students in it would be badly hurt or killed. And a leak from a nuclear power plant wouldn’t cause hallucinations or other mental problems. Do this author consider young adults too ignorant to know when they’re reading junk? Or is it the author who’s ignorant and is hoping to cash in on the YA wagon.

    Sorry, but just on the basis of what you’ve described, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone.

    • So sorry about the misunderstanding, I meant a chemical weapons leak, not a nuclear leak (I’ve edited the post). Also, a lot of students did get seriously injured or die when the hail tore the bus apart. Thanks for taking the time to point out the confusion! It’s a very exciting book, but maybe not for everyone 🙂

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